Become A Skilled Web & Graphics Designer

(How I Started With ZERO Experience!)

About 3 years ago-ish, I rounded up my BSc in Computer Science in Nigeria, excited but frustrated because it dawned on me that I have just spent 4 years in the University getting a BSc in Computer Science and I really don’t know anything practical that I can make use of in the job market. I was stuck because I am from a family where no one gives you handouts, you have to hustle yourself and get whatever you want yourself. I had a decision to make – use my degree to get a job somewhere I know I would not love or start something of my own and see where that goes. Since I was 19, I figured I was still young and should not be in a hurry to go into the 9-5 world. So I decided to start something! But wait? I do not have a product idea or want to buy and sell anything physical, I wanted to do something that I could do from my house and on my computer over the internet. A friend of mine – Alex (very intelligent guy) then told me something that changed my life…I talked more about that in the course, you can watch the preview for free in the course. Okay!!! Enough history and text, please watch the video below to understand what this course is about and the value it will add to you.

You are getting my complete proven, STEP-BY-STEP, A-Z system to create high quality designs (web and graphics) with ZERO experience, and then, I’ll show you how to get clients overseas who will pay you in $ & £ regardless of where you from, this is based on EXACTLY what I have done and still do that has not only made me work with 100s of international clients around the world but has opened doors for me to move to one of the most expensive cities in the world – London to spend thousands of pounds (£) getting a Masters in Business Information Systems Management and also living and enjoying the 9-5 free life! I have spent over 3years doing this and after rounding up my Masters in London, I decided to give back and sacrifice over 7 months of my life creating this killer course and A-Z formula that I wish I had when I started, now you can be able to copy 100%. Everything from setting up your business, setting up the payment structure you will use to get paid by clients overseas, building strong relationships, trust and leverage with overseas businesses, creating high quality designs that has been 80% done for you and getting other people to do the hardwork for you while you deliver the work to your clients (and everything in-between) The Puzzle Hustle is all about getting you results regardless of your experience. Even if you have ZERO experience doing designs or you are a seasoned graphics and web designer looking to cut the time and hardwork and get paid in pounds (£) and dollars ($) for what you do or you do not even want to do any design but are interested in the business and know-how of getting other people do the hardwork while you deliver the job to clients and businesses and get paid.

What Students Say

“I have known Damilola since our NYSC days and one of the things that attracted me to him was his commitment to work. I was always curious to know what Damilola was into and how he was able to afford certain luxuries of life. So, when he informed me of The Puzzle Hustle Course, I knew it was my one chance to have a sneak peak into one of his businesses. I must confess, I was blown away! I don’t want to go over the quality of the videos because I didn’t expect less. I will rather talk about how the content of this course has helped me ever since. My name is Joy and I am a social media strategist who came across this course at the right time. I devoured this course and saved it where I keep my digital valuables. Just so you know, I have confidently set up my Digital marketing brand (I expanded. I was only doing social media management but this course opened my mind to a lot). I remember also telling Damilola that the price of this course was equal to free and he said something that made me respect him more. He said “Joy, I want people to pay the price I would have been able to afford while I was working on my grandma’s dining table“. Now those are the words of a man who cares about people’s growth and not just his pocket. I now offer services to small businesses and I have a few big gigs I work with. Let’s just say I am just getting started because like Damilola, I am leaving no stone unturned. Damilola, this review came late but bear with me because I needed to be sure this was coming from my sincerity cubicle and not just a mere hype. Thank you for shining your light and lighting the candles of many. You are phenomenal!”

Joy Eneghalu ( )
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Fragments inside “The Puzzle Hustle”



  • Welcome, Introduction and Framework explanation
  • The Sauce...Keys & Strategies
  • Setting up your new business
  • The Tools You Need To Have In Place
  • Proven secret that makes me design high-end websites and charge over £1000 without touching a line of code with ZERO experience or expertise.


Graphics Design Made SIMPLE.

  • Introduction to your main tool to get them done
  • The 5 key things businesses (new and existing) around the world pay for.
  • Getting those 5 key things done in less than 10minutes with no experience. (in less than 10minutes)
  • Getting graphics templates that has been 90% done (you just drag n drop)


Web Design Made SIMPLE.

  • Introduction to your main tools
  • Introduction to the framework and strategies used by highly paid creatives like myself.
  • Get High quality responsive websites done WITHOUT touching a line of CODE (thank me later)
  • Getting websites themes with already created layout and content. (You just play puzzle, put things in their place)


This is the MON£Y.

  • The exact website that I make use of to get clients from different part of the world (mainly US & UK)
  • My over $4k + earnings on the website ( and why I made 10 times that off the website)
  • Setting up your profile and page on the website to start getting clients (the PROVEN and TESTED way to)
  • Building relationships and trust with overseas client. Getting them to pay you directly
  • The PROVEN way and format of talking with clients that shows your professionalism and intelligence.
  • Getting other people to do the hardwork for you. You just follow my strategy of get started getting clients and setting up the business and you get other people to the hardwork for you..,you then deliver to your client(s)

Watch FREE Introductory Videos

This is just a taste of the energy and quality content to expect.

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How about some bonuses?


BONUS: Recurring Income. (Getting paid £/$ weekly/monthly)

  • This is HUGE! After you learn how to make £ & $ from what I teach you in the course, I will then show how to make recurring income - basically get paid weekly / monthly by your clients by using the strategies I will show you.


BONUS: The hidden secret of design.

  • Don't be fooled. Graphics and website design is pretty interesting and easy, ANYONE can do it! You don't need to be a guru or geek - leave that for Jimmy. I show you how to play Puzzle with designs, get templates that has been 80% done, all you have to do is play puzzle and deliver to your clients.


BONUS: My Thousand Pound (£) Proposal

  • This single proposal generates over £1000 in sales every time I send it to clients. It has some nuances that only few in this business are aware of. Complete copy so you can model it.


BONUS: Building relationships with overseas clients.

  • You cannot put a price tag on relationships. People / Businesses in the UK and US or other European countries are different from the ones in your locality. There is a specific way to have conversations with them. What is also important is building relationships with these people, I made a mistake at this and started building relationships too late.


BONUS: Private “Puzzle Hustle” Facebook Community.

  • No need to go at it alone! The Puzzle Hustle Facebook Community is JUST for The Puzzle Hustle students. Networking, support, feedback and more. You will get exclusive access with your enrollment.


BONUS: Watch me design an HQ Website in less than 1day!

  • This would be fun. You will see how I get two (2) website done (One for a UK client and the other for a USA client) in less than a day without touching a line of code. Just playing puzzle.

Who is “The Puzzle Hustle” for?


You are a graphics or website designer and want to learn how to get things done faster (cut down work to 80%) and at a much higher quality and get clients OVERSEAS to patronize your services. (yes!)


You have ZERO experience in Graphics or Web but are interested in learning the shortcuts and tricks I used when I started and still use today and start getting international clients for your newly acquired knowledge. (totally for you)


You are not interested in lifting a finger to create designs but want to run the business that makes you money from your home in pounds (£) and dollars ($). (there is a section for you!)

By The Way, This Is Me!

Fast forward 3 years after I started my company Presidential Ideas on my granny's dining table, I have worked with 100s of international clients, I have been able to pay thousands of pounds (£) to get an MSc in London, I have been able to live in London and I have also started other companies. Now, I want to teach the average man / woman how to do the same, work from home, earn in £ & $ doing what I do with ZERO experience, just listen and implement what I say. Everything I did and things I wish I knew when I started.

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You will love the practicality and engagement of the course

Effective Lessons

All lessons has been carefully created and designed in such a way that each video lesson contains a valuable message. There is an eye-opener in each video.

Learn On The Go

Learn at your own pace. You will be able to learn from the comfort of your house, office, computer or mobile phone.

Immediate Implication

Upon finishing this course, you will have all the expertise and knowledge to start working from the comfort of your home, on your computer and at your preferred time.

Earn In £ and $

Regardless of how the economy of the country gets, if you earn in pounds or dollars, you are always in a favorable position. The course exposes you to getting clients overseas.

Time Saving Resources

I discovered some resources that made me deliver higher quality work, at a faster time and charge my overseas clients more 1 year after I started.

Certificate & Freebies

Upon rounding up the course, you will be awarded a Certificate signed by me from my company - Presidential Ideas and I also included some bonuses and freebies.


All these and more waiting for you

Upon rounding up this course, you will receive a certificate from Presidential Ideas, my UK registered digital agency endorsing your newly acquired skill. This certificate is not only precious because it is from a UK company but it acts as an achievement and qualification for you.

Take advantage of this rightnow. Enroll on the course and consume all the content, implement what I outline and advice and get a certificate to show your worthiness.
Unlike other courses or learning programmes, I am committed to the success of the students enrolled on this course. This is the reason why there is a limited spot, I do not want to have a lot of people on the course. I just want serious minded individuals ready to have an open mind, learn and begin to earn, and I will be here to answer an queries, give more advice, help in scenarios where you might be stucked and more. .
Even though the course took me close to 7 Months to create and combine and it contains so much value and information, I will be adding new content to the course based on trends, new findings and new best practices. You will not be left alone, I will ensure the course is up and running with the latest and industry leading content.
the presidential hustle certificate
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Next steps and how much does it cost?

The Puzzle Hustle could easily sell for over $500 and it would be more than worth it. Why? Because just learning these formulas, strategies and tools can create income for you for years and years and years to come for you. Once you get a hold of and understand the secret sauce and the strategies, you will be able to do this over and over again working from the comfort of your home. I have also seen other courses that teaches just one module for $397 and they teach you physically with 100s of other students in a hall and they do not even teach you how to get clients for what you learn, The Puzzle Hustle is different, you learn at your own pace and you learn practical things – TESTED & PROVEN steps. This course can change your life literally. And I could easily charge over Fiver hundred dollars for the it (and it would be more than worth it) but I want to make this accessible and affordable for you, I want to make it at a price I would have been able to afford when I was 19 on my grandmother’s dining table.

So enrollment is just $97 $47 

With your enrollment, you get instant and lifetime access and you get the ENTIRE COURSE + all bonuses right away. Did I just hear you say amaaaazzzziiiiinnnnnggg?. Meaning you can watch the course on your SMARTPHONE, TABLET or COMPUTER at your own pace and at your time. Everything is digital and ready to go for you. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: I stand behind this training firmly. I know if you put what you learn to use, you will begin to see the rewards in no time. If you are unhappy for any reason, I have a full 30-day money back guarantee. Totally risk-free. The risk is on me.


Why Is The Price in Dollars?

When the course was originally launched, I created it solely for Nigerians and the price was set at N35,000 in order to make it affordable. In less than a month, I started getting numerous messages from people in other African countries and some in the UK & US about their interest in the course. This made me reduce the cost of the course and set the currency to a universally accepted one – US Dollars ($). You can always Google the conversion of the price in your local currency.

Do you need to have experience?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! I started with ZERO experience and all I had was google, blogs and forum to learn from. I did not have a course like the “The Puzzle Hustle” that shows you the exact things you need in place and how to get clients. All I ask is that you follow, listen and implement.

Do I get access to everything all at once or do I have to wait?

Yes, you get access to everything right away. You can attack the content of the course at any pace you want. ( I recommend you follow it by the order 🙂 ) With the amount of content, many people think i’m crazy for making the course so affordable but i know how life-changing this course can be when you learn and implement it.

Do I get Lifetime access?

YES! Sureeee!

Is The Puzzle Hustle really step-by-step?

Absolutely! No guesswork. Just follow the course 🙂

Do I have to use the specific tools, software and websites you recommend in the course?

Thanks for asking. Inside “The Puzzle Hustle” I go through the EXACT software and websites I use. Do I recommend you use them? YES! Do you have to? No. This means, if you have something that accomplishes the same stuff that you prefer, that’s totally cool by me. The main thing is to implement.

I have a question, who should I ask?

You can be rest assured that you will get support anytime once enrolled on the course. I have created a private forum for members where you can ask questions and get replies immediately and you can also shoot me an email on

If you are serious about becoming a Skilled & Highly Paid Web/Graphics Designer. Take advantage of this reduced price today!

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